about us





to the homepage of the fossil and mineral enthusiast working group "Arbeitsgruppe Palaeo Geo e.V".


We would like to introduce ourselves and give you a brief information about our society and its history.

For some time, hobby paleontologists from the Rhine Main area(Germany) met to exchange ideas and share experience.
Initially, the circle was limited to a handful of inspired fossil and mineral collectors.
Once a month, we got together informally to discuss our interests and share our experiences.

It quickly became clear to us that there was considerable interest in this hobby.
As time passed and our membership grew, we felt we should establish a more formal society.
We unanimously decided that we should form a non-profit organization.

Our intention was to increase the visibility of our hobby to the public, especially to young people, in order to promote further study
and enjoyment of fossils. This was made easier by the fact that we already had very good
contact with many different museums because of many previous projects.

In June 2004, the non-profit association working group became "Arbeitsgruppe Palaeo-Geo e.V."

Since then, our organization has grown from 28 founding members to nearly 100 members.

The large interest in our association shows us that we were correct to establish
our organization, and that it will continue to grow and prosper.

We will continue to promote interaction between hobbyists, scientists, and young people.
This will allow us to inspire future generations to have an interest in studying the past, preserve our fossil treasures for future
generations, and enjoy a common interest with fellow hobby paleontologists from around the world.